Our Beginning


Anyone who knows the Rottweiler in Australia as far back as the early 1970’s knows that the beginning of Allerhochst lies firmly in the arms of Yvonne & Jim Pettengell’s Auslese Rottweilers.

Yvonne & Jim were and have always been the single most important outside influence on Allerhochst breeding. They instilled the discipline and set the sights for where it was that we were travelling.

As we grew our direction diverged from that of Jim & Yvonne, but never so far as to be out of reach. From Rintelna The General to Graf vom Gruntenblick, almost all of Jim & Yvonne’s Rottweilers have featured in Allerhochst pedigrees.

Less known is that the first Rottweiler owned by us was not an Auslese Rottweiler. However he was a classic example of what happens when impatience takes over, and he was re homed as a pet with the almost inevitable (for those days) faulty bite.

So here are the real stars of the early history of Allerhochst.

Ch Auslese Orleanais (sire Ch Auslese Pommery / dam Auslese Bacchante) – the first of our Auslese Rottweilers. Acquired as a puppy and with the call name of "Heidi", she was somewhat of an ugly duckling while growing up. All legs waiting for the rest to catch up. In due course the rest did catch up and she did herself proud in the show ring.

Ch Auslese Orleanais

Ch Auslese Bacchus

Ch Auslese Bacchus (imported in dam) (sire Ch Chesara Akilles / dam Jentris Gloriosa) – already titled when obtained by us as an adult, Bacchus was larger than life and had the character to go with it. One of the most outstanding Rottweiler ambassadors that we have ever seen, Bacchus was much more at home with crowds of people carting or entertaining in some other way than being in the show ring.

Ch Auslese Claret (sire Heatherglen Rudi / dam Ch Auslese Heidsiek) – a rescued sheep killing farm dog. Claret came to us as an adult and although very dark and therefore somewhat less than pretty, was so physically strong and powerful that she became titled in very quick time. Claret produced our first 2 show champions (Ch Allerhochst Agrippina & Ch Allerhochst Junia) and our first Obedience Titled dog (Allerhochst Khan CD), all sired by Bacchus.

Ch Auslese Claret
Ch Auslese Niersteiner

Ch Auslese Niersteiner (sire Ch Aulese Beaujolais / dam Chesara Dark Impression) – with the call name of "Solo" due to him being the only puppy from this mating, he was almost titled when we obtained him as an adult. A real showman with a show ring presence to kill for, Solo was almost unbeatable in his show career.

Although not strictly one of our "beginning" we later acquired Ch Auslese Bold Ballad (Sire Ch Auslese Pommery / dam Auslese Etoile). Called "Odessa", she was a Perth Royal Show challenge bitch and became available as an adult. Odessa had only one litter and from that came Ch Allerhochst Giselle (sired by Bacchus) who was probably the pinnacle of our breeding resulting solely from our early Auslese family.


Ch Allerhochst Giselle
Ch Allerhochst Giselle
Ch Auslese Bold Ballad
Ch Auslese Bold Ballad


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