Allerhochst Takes Shape

In 1976 a litter was born to the bitch Atilla Bathsheba, imported into Australia by Val Biltris. This was Bathsheba’s first Australian litter and was sired by Ch Auslese Pommery. Bathsheba had whelped a litter in New Zealand while quarantining on her way to Australia, and some of that litter were brought into Australia with their mother. Korobeit Hud was one of those puppies.

We were very interested in acquiring a puppy from Bathsheba for a number of reasons. Firstly we thought that she was one of the best quality bitches imported to that date. Secondly the litter was sired by Ch Auslese Pommery, a dog that we admired and would provide a link with the Rottweilers that we had. Thirdly Bathsheba was a grand daughter of Bulli v Hungerbuhl, a very famous German dog of that era and a dog that totally impressed us from all the photos we had seen and the words written about him.


Ch Allerhochst Carl
    Ch Allerhochst Carl

We did indeed acquire a puppy, who was later titled, Ch Korobeit Lady Lisle. Lisle was a smaller bitch than we were accustomed to, but as she grew it was obvious to us that she possessed a number of attributes that we were lacking in our other Rottweilers and that would be of great benefit to us.

Once Lisle had grown up and her breeding quality was assured, our attention concentrated on a suitable mate. Certainly our first thoughts were always to breed her back to the dogs that we had, all related to her sire. But as time had passed we were more and more attracted to moving in the direction of Bulli, and that meant breeding her back on her mother’s side. This would mean breeding her to Hud, her half brother on Bathsheba. We had many discussions with Val Biltris about this and eventually we obtained Val’s agreement to this mating, both Val and us realising that this type of mating could amplify any hidden problems.


Ch Allerhochst Carl
       Ch Allerhochst Carl

In early 1978 the first Allerhochst "C" litter was born to Hud and Lisle. This was a watershed event in the history of Allerhochst. The litter was not large, but the effect of it has been huge and one dog in particular, Ch Allerhochst Carl, is still only a few generations behind all of our current rottweilers.

As with most Allerhochst champions, Carl was sold by us with the understanding that we could show him if we wished. Carl lived an almost incredible life when all parts of it are drawn together. He lived on a farm and had all manner of animals to look after, and that he did with the utmost devotion. Sheep, goats, free range poultry and ducks were all his mates. This same dog was the consumate hunter. His owner took him hunting wild pigs and declared that he was the best hunting dog that he had ever owned. This same dog was our show dog, and very successful at that. Enthusiastic at everything he did is probably the best description of Carl, the Rottweiler who at the age of 12 was still running the farm in outback NSW.


Allerhochst Cassius was a litter brother to Carl. Cassius led a more normal sort of Rottweiler life with his suburban family and his friend Auslese Bold Envoy (see more about Bold Envoy in our section on bobtails). Cassius was not fortunate enough to carry the title of CH., but this is one of life’s tragedies.

Allerhochst Cassius
Allerhochst Cassius              


Like his brother Carl, Cassius did his share of winning in the show ring. He also won his "in group" and "in show" classes like Carl. Indeed in the really big shows Cassius usually had the better of his brother. He was the Challenge dog winner at the Adelaide Royal in 1981, the first SA bred Rottweiler to do this for 9 years. Tragically while doing his job in protecting his house and children and in doing so biting a person who walked into his house unannounced while his owners were not there, Cassius was euthanased. Cassius was on 99 points at the time of his untimely death.

       Ch Allerhochst Igor

Ch Allerhochst Igor was born in 1981, the son of Ch Allerhochst Carl and Auslese Orvietto. Igor was also shown by us for his owners and had an excellent show career. He had the same unburstable energy of his father, which meant that he was a great dog to show at any time even those hot days when many Rottweilers were, to put it kindly, almost inanimate. However, as good as Igor was with people, he was very difficult with other large male dogs, especially Rottweilers. This lead to many exciting times in the show ring and indeed some days the adult Rottweiler dog class ring resembled a boxing ring with the combatants in their own corners while being judged. Igor won many "in Group" awards including Best Exhibit and received an excellent from Willi Fausner at the first Victorian Rottweiler Specialty to be judged by an ADRK judge. Igor produced many excellent progency before dying at the early age of 5 years from bone cancer.


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