Allerhochst Rottweilers originated with the introduction of the Rottweiler breed to John Belbin in 1970. At that time John’s parents resided in Melbourne, and a business acquaintance owned a Rottweiler male. A social introduction was all that was necessary for the commencement of a lifetime affair.

After some enquiry, introductions eventuated with all of the main breeders in Melbourne of the time, and John ultimately chose to acquire a Rottweiler female from Yvonne & Jim Pettengell, whose Auslese Rottweilers were regarded among the best available.

Frequent visits were made to Melbourne, continually visiting and learning from the Pettengells over the long wait for an available female. It was indeed not until 1974 that Auslese Orleanais was available, and that the prefix of Allerhochst was registered. But that learning time was a most valuable beginning of the apprenticeship process, and lead to the continuing search for knowledge and understanding of all facets of the Rottweiler breed that remains the hallmark of Allerhochst breeding to this day.

The proprietorship of the Allerhochst prefix has seen some changes over the years, but the uninterrupted driving force has remained throughout.

For the first 2 years, from inception to 1976, Allerhochst was owned by John & Rosemary Belbin.

In 1976, John’s parents, Les & Joan Belbin became joint owners as kennels were established on an 8 hectare property in the Adelaide hills. This partnership existed until 1978, when due to a marriage breakup the partnership was dissolved.

For the 10 years from 1978 to 1988 the Allerhochst prefix was owned solely by John. This was without doubt the period of the most activity and saw the Allerhochst breeding direction become distinctively unique, establishing its individual and recognisable identity. With the advent of the first Allerhochst "C" litter in February 1978, the breeding direction was set, and today’s Allerhochst breeding stock can be directly traced back to that "C" litter.

In 1988 the ownership of Allerhochst became as it remains today, owned jointly by John and Jeanine Belbin. Jeanine purchased her first Rottweiler from John in 1976, and remained a dedicated Rottweiler student and subsequently breeder from that time. Breeding activities have reduced substantially since 1988, due to the perceived overpopulation of the breed, however the enthusiasm and dedication to the Rottweiler remains as strong as ever, as it will always be.

We enjoy mutually beneficial and interesting associations with a small number of other dedicated fanciers. These relationships enable us to keep our involvement at a high level with others who share our demanding expectations and ideals. A particularly close bond has developed with John’s daughter, Tracie, and her husband Ron McIntosh who, with their own Allerzeit prefix, are providing strong support with our current and upcoming litters.


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