As from the very beginning, the continuing development of our breeding ideas follows the acquisition of knowledge.

The experiences gained by applying this knowledge furthers the knowledge acquired.

This in turn influences the further development of ideas.

This is a circle without end.

The journey from our beginnings to where we are today has clearly identifiable steps. Of course many less noteable events also occurred that had little, if any, impact on the journey. Indeed there were directions taken that were terminated when they developed unacceptable results.

From the many 100’s of photos that we have of Rottweilers dating back to the 1960’s, it is difficult to select just a few that are important and/or special to us. Unfortunately we have not always kept sufficient visual record of all parts of our journey. This means that we are unable to share some events, even some important ones. This also means that some photos used may not do justice to the particular subject, but they are all that we have.

Nevertheless looking back over more than 30 years shows that we have undeniably come a long way in developing consistently better Rottweilers than those that we had in our early days. We are much more pleased with our breed type, we rarely experience structural problems, even more rarely experience bite or eye problems, but the once guaranteed dark, dark eyes are harder for us to get today and pink mouths occur more than they used to. Such is life!

We hope that you gain some enjoyment in looking at some of the important contributors in our history, all special companions and friends. We have tried to group the photos into "loose" combinations to demonstrate definable steps that we have taken to get us to the present. We hope that you find at least some of the photos interesting.

John and Jeanine


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